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Day Zero

| 2019



| 01

The Problem

When tasked with increasing conversions in our self-service channel, the product team decided to create project “Day Zero.” Day Zero refers to the user’s first experience with Bitly, or to put it more succinctly: the journey from account creation to initial in-app session. The existing experience had several points of friction, increasing the odds of abandonment during the purchase process.

We focused in on the making the multi-step purchase experience as seamless and intuitive as possible.

| 02

The Plan

Create a frictionless account creation flow that integrates the Bitly domain search experience.

Business Objectives and KPIs

2 / Increase custom domain attachment rate.

1 / Increase conversion to a paid plan on the user’s first time visiting Bitly.


Maximize growth by increasing self service average daily signups by 200% 

Our hope was that increasing our Day 0 conversions would have positive compounding effect on our overall conversion rate.


100% of users are aware of the feature

Our other major goal was to integrate branding as a core part of the user experience so that 100% of new self service accounts have a domain attached within the first 0 days.

| 03

The Solution

User Journey

Before beginning to scope out work, I proposed a user journey to the team, and we worked together to form consensus around the future experience.


Building New Components

Day 0 gave the design team the opportunity to build out new components for our library. We began to incorporate new components piecemeal as we shipped new feature team work.

StyleGuideV2 Copy.png

Creating Cohesion

The existing user experience lacked a consistent look and feel. We wanted the new user journey to provide a clear path to conversion and reflect Bitly’s recently redesigned marketing site. We added a progress bar to give the user context and let them know that they must complete 3 steps in order to purchase our product.

Create an account (premium) - XL.png

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The Results

The initial results are positive. We have been keeping track of a number of metrics to determine the effect our UX and UI changes.

Our total Total upgrades, same day upgrades and same day conversion rates have steadily increased since our launch 3 weeks ago.

We rolled out our new flow on September 9, 2019. As of August, our Day 0 conversion rate has increased ~50%.